About Extruss
EXTRUSS is a manufacturing and
systematic corporation based on eco-
friendly design plan and exhibition.
Welcome to EXTRUSS
People ENT's Truss use extrude standard linking system to research and develop the existing welding way of exhibit truss and
stage truss. Therefore it is excellent future extension or transmutability.

Exhibition Aluminum Truss

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Customized Truss system for Exhibition and Tradeshow

Metal Truss

Aluminum truss

Using truss frame structure, experts are
installing various building equipment like
lightening,wind generator...

Truss Booth

EXTRUSS has a huge selection of
aluminum truss exhibition booths. We
stock all display...
Stage Truss

Stage Truss

The stage of EXTRUSS is an aluminum
material like other EXTRUSS' products
and has safety and durability...
Exhibition Truss

Exhibition Truss

If there is something you imagine then we
can build it. We suggest several types of
modular EXTRUSS From the...
DJ Truss

DJ Truss

Our aluminum DJ Truss Stand is a
compact and lightweight solution to
create a decorative..
Color Truss

Color Truss

Our color truss system is heavy load
capacity and lightweight to hung lights
for concert, events, TV...